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Our team includes some of the most knowledgeable cryptocurrency and blockchain writers from around the world, ready to help you understand this new and up-and-coming space. We cover everything from regulatory changes to price action, with no bias whatsoever.

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Thomas Bush
Thomas is the managing editor and lead writer of He has been a close follower of the cryptocurrency space since as early as 2014, with experience in internet payment systems even prior to that. Covering everything from blockchain developments to technical analysis, he loves breaking down tough topics into bite-sized articles. He also manages our daily newsletter with help from Karen Young.

Eric Johnson
Eric is a cryptocurrency aficionado. What started as a silly hobby several years ago has now turned into Eric’s full-time job as a cryptocurrency market analyst. In addition to reading the charts, he’s currently working on a blockchain project of his own that’s set to hit the streets any time now!


Marie Kendrick
Marie is a personal finance expert who’s been exploring cryptocurrencies since late-2016. Her expertise in money saving strategies and passive investment has left her looking for new markets to explore. She thinks cryptocurrencies could be the best thing since sliced bread, so she’s keeping a tab on higher level stories across the space.


Michael Hoyt
Michael is a blockchain enthusiast and writer, with experience in advisory roles to multiple successful cryptocurrency projects. He is passionate about the potential of blockchain technology, and is always following the latest developments in the space. With that said, he’s not really one for staring at the charts!


Karen Young
Karen is a stay-at-home mom turned cryptocurrency investor. She loves delving into whitepapers in search of the next undervalued token, and took early interest in projects such as NEO and VeChain. While she may not read cryptocurrency news stories on a daily basis, she has a keen eye for the kinds of developments our readers love to hear.