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Binance Jersey is the first fiat to cryptocurrency exchanges that operates from Jordan under the Jersey Financial Services Commission allowing for European citizens to buy cryptocurrencies with the Pound Sterling (GBP) and Euros (ETC). Referral ID

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Binance Jersey vs Binance allows for crypto to crypto trading so you need to have cryptocurrency to trade on the exchange.Example: You have bitcoin and want to exchange for Ethereum. Binance is made for this type of trade and is the worlds largest. is for European citizens who want to buy cryptocurrencies from Pound Sterling or Euros. Example: You have Euros and want to buy Bitcoin.

Binance, Binance Jersey and Binance US are operated by the same parent company but legally are separate entities because of the regulations for fiat to cryptocurrency conversion.

Binance Jersey Fees

Binance has removed all of the deposit fees for fiat currency (GBP & EUR) and current trading fees are 0.05%.