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ByBit Referral Code and Review (2023)

If you’re looking for a Bybit referral code, you’re in the right place! Use our code DEFIRATE to get hundreds of dollars in rewards. You can also take advantage of this offer through our referral link.

What is the Bybit referral code?

Our Bybit referral code allows new users to claim a welcome bonus as well as tiered rewards based on trading volume. Sign up using our code: DEFIRATE

Bybit overview

Bybit is a leading cryptocurrency exchange that provides a streamlined interface complete with some powerful trading features. The platform offers hundreds of cryptocurrencies up for trade and includes innovative features such as 100x leverage on margin trading and an advanced “copy trading” mode that lets users mimic the strategies of more advanced traders.

Please note: The Bybit exchange is not available to US residents.

The platform supports the following features:

  • Spot Trading
  • Derivatives Trading
  • Margin Trading
  • Copy Trading
  • Testnet Training Environment
  • Liquidity Mining
  • P2P (Peer-to-peer) Trading Platform
  • NFT Marketplace

Where Bybit Shines

Copy Trading – Bybit supports an innovative “copy trading” feature that allows users to mimic the trades of successful traders. The platform’s copy trading section displays traders that users can pick to mimic, including their weekly profit, number of trades, and percentage hit rate of their trades.

Leverage Trading – The platform offers traders the option of taking on 100x leverage for their trades. This is a risky move that should be undertaken with the utmost care, but, if correct, traders can turn a small sum into large profits very quickly. Bybit also supports an insurance fund that covers their losses from margin traders who can’t pay their borrowed funds back.

Testnet Platform – New traders can dip their feet into the markets by using Bybit’s testnet functionality. Try trades in this practice mode that will reflect the real market, but won’t spend any real money.

How to sign up with the Bybit referral code

Step 1: Navigate to the Bybit Sign Up page.

bybit referral code

Step 2: Click on the “Promo or Referral Code” arrow and enter our referral code: DEFIRATE

bybit referral code

Step 3: Click the orange “Create Account” button and confirm that you are not a resident of the restricted countries.

bybit referral code

Step 4: Your registration is completed!

Other crypto referral codes

Bybit isn’t the only platform offering rewards! Take advantage of more bonuses through these other referral codes:

Bybit referral program

The Bybit referral program gives a number of bonuses to new users of the Bybit exchange.

New users can earn USDT by completing “tasks” that are based on trading volume. For example, once a new user transacts more than $300 in the Bybit spot markets, they will receive their first USDT cashback rewards. The rewards start out small but increase as trading volume increases in both the spot and derivatives markets.

There is a difference between the Bybit cashback bonuses and the Bybit coupons. Cashback is awarded to the referrer, while bonuses are awarded to the referee. So, for example, if you use your Bybit referral code to invite your friends, you will receive cashback bonuses when they use the platform, and they will receive cashback coupons.


The Bybit referral program rewards users for using the platform.

“Coupons” that are earned from trading on the platform can be used to cover your trading fees. The more you trade, the more coupons you can earn!

Make sure to also keep an eye on the Bybit promotions page for new specials and bonus programs as they get released.


Bybit uses a tiered model for their referral rewards. The more that users trade in the spot and derivatives markets, the better rewards they receive. Rewards are different for spot and derivatives markets

Spot Markets – A “spot” market exists when a pair of assets are traded for each other. For example, a BTC/USD spot market trades Bitcoin for US Dollars. In order to facilitate this spot market, two parties are necessary — someone holding the Bitcoin, and someone holding the dollars. These two parties come together and agree to trade their assets at some price, for example, 1 Bitcoin for $30,000. The rewards for Bybit’s spot markets are below:

bybit spot markets

Derivatives Markets – Derivatives are markets that trade based on the price moves of an underlying asset. These markets allow traders to make trades without having to worry about storing the asset itself. For example, traders that want to benefit from Bitcoin going up in price, but don’t want to actually deal with owning Bitcoins and transferring them between wallets can buy Bitcoin derivatives and still get the same benefits from the price action without having to take custody of the asset. The rewards for Bybit’s derivatives markets are below:

Bybit’s derivatives markets

Keep in Mind

The program includes some fine print that new users must adhere to in order to receive their rewards. After sign-up, those new to the platform must make an initial deposit of no less than $20 in coins (fiat deposits are not counted as first-time deposits) and complete $250 in total trading volume between spot and derivatives markets within the first 30 days of signup.

Referral bonuses and cashback are funded from a limited rewards pool which, once tapped out, will not disburse rewards to any new users. This means that the earlier you sign up with a referral code, the better.

Finally, bonuses and credits earned will be credited to user accounts 1 month after they are earned.

Bybit trading fees

Bybit uses a tiered system for its trading fees, similar to other popular crypto exchanges. The fees differ for Spot markets and Derivatives markets, per the table below:

Fees can be lowered by becoming a Bybit VIP or Pro. These programs lower fees based on monthly trading volume, equity holdings in your trading account, and holdings of the official Bybit token. More details on these programs can be found here.

Bybit referral code link FAQs

How can I get a referral code on Bybit?

To sign up for Bybit, use our official referral code: DEFIRATE

Does Bybit give a welcome bonus?

$20 USDT will be awarded as a welcome bonus to those who deposit at least $20 in their Bybit trading account and trade over $250 on the exchange.

Bybit referral link – Our review

If you plan to trade on Bybit, signing up through a referral code is a no-brainer! Use your trading volume to earn discounts on your trading fees.

Use our referral code DEFIRATE to secure your bonuses and trading rewards. You can also sign up through our referral link.