🔍 Crypto.com Referral CodeDEFIRATE
💰 Crypto.com BonusUp to $50 worth of CRO
📝 Referral RequirementsUsers who stake at least 1,000 CRO (limited to users staking CRO for the first time)
✅ Last VerifiedMarch 2023

Crypto.com Referral Code and Review (2022)

Want to get an extra $50 of $CRO token just for signing up to Crypto.com? Use our referral code: DEFIRATE or sign up through our referral link to get these bonuses at signup!

What is the Crypto.com referral code?

The Crypto.com referral code provides new users with a $50 signup bonus (paid out in Crypto.com’s native $CRO token) upon signup.

To claim the sign-up bonus, use our referral code: DEFIRATE or sign up through our referral link.

Crypto.com overview

Crypto.com is one of the most popular exchanges in the world. The platform offers a powerful mobile app, a wide selection of cryptocurrencies, and very competitive fees. See the full list of features below:

  • Spot markets
  • Derivatives markets
  • Margin trading
  • Staking rewards for 40+ cryptocurrencies
  • Fully featured mobile app
  • DeFi Wallet
  • Crypto.com Visa card
  • NFT Marketplace

Please note: The Crypto.com exchange is not available to residents of New York state.

Where Crypto.com shines

Features – When it comes to platform functionality, Crypto.com really is a one-stop-shop. Their traditional crypto markets are a given, but beyond that, the platform offers an NFT marketplace that rivals the likes of OpenSea, a Crypto Credit functionality where users can take on loans from the platform, a Crypto Earn feature that pays interest on the cryptocurrencies in a user’s account, and an exclusive Syndicate club that sells top cryptos like BTC and ETH for up to 50% discounts.

Branding – When it comes to a mainstream brand, perhaps no other exchange is as widely recognized in the US as Crypto.com. Starting with the notorious name and domain, “Crypto.com” leaves room for no one else in the crypto space. Their recent re-brand of one of the largest stadiums in the US to the Crypto.com Arena, and their blockbuster TV ad featuring Matt Damon make this a near-household name in an industry populated by obscure trading platforms.

Selection – Most US crypto exchanges are limited in their cryptocurrency selection compared to international platforms. While Crypto.com does not have the best international selection of cryptocurrencies on its site, it does have a very solid lineup of tokens available for purchase for a US exchange. This places it above competitors like FTX.us who only support a few dozen coins.

How to sign up with the Crypto.com referral code

Step 1: Navigate to crypto.com/exchange.


Step 2: Click Sign-Up in the top right corner.


Step 3: Enter our referral code: DEFIRATE in the “Referral Code” field. Then, finish filling out your information and click “Create Account”


Other crypto referral codes

If Crypto.com is unsupported in your region, or if you’re looking to trade on some other platforms as well, use our other referral codes to secure sign-up bonuses for these platforms, too.

Crypto.com referral program

The Crypto.com referral program gives new users of the site a $50 credit, paid out in $CRO tokens, for signing up. Once paid out, users can sell these tokens and realize their $50 immediately. Users can also hold on to their $CRO, or trade it for another cryptocurrency.


While many other platforms offer trading fee discounts and cashback as their sign-up bonuses, Crypto.com pays out cold, hard cash (in the form of $CRO token). This is an advantage, since new users get to claim their reward immediately and they don’t even have to trade on the platform to do it.

$CRO can also be staked to receive discounts on trading fees. The first tier of discounts starts at 1,000 $CRO tokens staked. As of the time of this writing, $CRO token is worth about $0.12, so a $50 welcome bonus of $CRO will be about 417 tokens. That’s almost half of the way towards the first tier of discounts!

Additional $CRO can be purchased here to take advantage of the full staking benefits. Staking instructions can be found here.


Crypto.com trading fees

Crypto.com features very competitive trading fees compared to other exchanges on the market. Like with all other platforms, the fees are different for spot and derivatives markets. The exchange also offers significant fee discounts for having their native $CRO token staked. See the chart in the section above for details on those discounts.

Spot Trading

Spot trading refers to trading one type of asset for another. Spot markets are the most basic crypto markets and always have a pair of assets (such as USD and BTC) that are being swapped for one another.

Traders will pay fees according to whether they are adding liquidity to the market (market makers) or taking liquidity from the market (market takers). Fees will also fluctuate with monthly trading volume, so the more that users trade, the lower fees they will have to pay. The figures for each scenario are below.


Derivatives Trading

Derivatives are trading instruments which follow the price movements of an underlying asset (such as Bitcoin), but do not actually trade the asset itself. These instruments are useful for traders looking to speculate on price movements without having to go through the hassle of actually holding the asset.

Most exchanges charge trading fees for derivatives separately from trading fees for spot markets. The figures for Crypto.com’s derivatives markets trading fees are below:


Crypto.com referral code link FAQs

How can I get a referral code on Crypto.com?

To sign up for Crypto.com, use our official referral code: DEFIRATE

Does Crypto.com give a welcome bonus?

Crypto.com offers new users $50 in $CRO tokens. Sell your $CRO tokens to turn them into cash, or stake them to get transaction fee discounts.

Crypto.com referral link – Our review

Crypto.com has a versatile referral program that allows new users the freedom to decide what to do with their $CRO rewards.

While many other exchanges will directly provide transaction fee discounts, Crypto.com gives this option (through $CRO staking) but does not force it on users. Instead, you can sell your $CRO after receiving it to turn it directly into cash, or decide to stake it and take advantage of the fee discounts.

To sign up for Crypto.com, follow the steps in this guide and use referral code: DEFIRATE, or sign up through our referral link to get your $50 in $CRO token!