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FTX.US Referral Code and Review (2022)

Looking to trade on FTX.us and want to get the best deal? Look no further. Our FTX.US referral code, BESTBONUS, gives you 5% off your trading fees on the platform in perpetuity!

What is the FTX.US referral code?

All new users who sign up using our FTX.US referral code, BESTBONUS,  will receive 5% off their trading fees on the platform. Use this link to sign up.

FTX.US overview

The FTX.US exchange is one of the most popular crypto exchanges available to US residents. Due to stringent regulations, the US gets the short end of the stick when it comes to exchanges, with many big players not allowed to offer their services to US residents.

FTX.US vs FTX.com

FTX.US is the little cousin to the international FTX.com exchange. While the US version of FTX does not offer as many advanced markets and trading features as FTX.com, the exchange still provides everything traders need to exchange their crypto, and then some.

FTX in general are known for their low trading fees and FTX.US is no exception to that reputation. Read on to learn about our FTX.US referral code that lets you reduce your trading fees even more!

The FTX.US exchange offers the following:

  • Spot Markets
  • Stock Trading
  • Leverage Trading
  • Margin Lending
  • OTC Trading
  • NFT Marketplace
  • FTX Card
  • Advanced Trading Features

Where FTX.US Shines

Advanced features – The FTX.US platform gives users access to stock trading, an NFT marketplace, and even an FTX debit card that can be used like any other Visa debit card. The stock trading aspect of the site allows users to trade popular stocks like Tesla, Apple, and Amazon right from the exchange dashboard. The NFT marketplace functions like an exchange-native OpenSea, allowing users to buy, sell, and trade NFTs in USD. The Visa debit card enables frictionless spending of a user’s crypto across all major worldwide retailers that accept Visa.

Low fees – Perhaps the biggest claim to fame for FTX.US and their cousin FTX.com brand are their universally low trading fees. These fees can be lowered even further through significant trading volume, or by signing up for an account using a referral link. FTX.US trading fees start at 0.10% for takers and 0.40% for makers and can get as low as 0% for traders who trade over $50 million in a 30-day timeframe.

Offers FDIC Insurance – The FTX.US platform partners with a network of FDIC-compliant banks across the US. This allows them to ensure user USD deposits with standard FDIC coverage. Please note that this coverage applies only to deposits in USD, and this coverage is null and void whenever the USD is traded into crypto. Crypto assets are risky investments that are not insured like traditional USD deposits.

How to sign up with the FTX.US referral code

Step 1: Use our referral link to navigate to the FTX.US website and use our referral code, BESTBONUS.

ftx.us referral code

Step 2: Enter your email and password information, then agree to the FTX US Terms of Service and click “Create Account.”

ftx.us referral code

Step 3: Follow the on-screen instructions to verify your identity and complete your registration.

ftx.us referral code

Other crypto referral codes

There’s hundreds of crypto exchanges out there, and most of them offer some sign-up bonus. Check out our other referral programs to find one that’s right for you.

FTX.US referral program

The FTX.US signup bonus,  gives traders 5% off their trading fees for signing up through a referral link.

Please note: FTX.US has previously said that their referral rewards are up for re-examination at any time, so sign up today to take advantage of these benefits.


FTX.US already has some of the lowest trading fees around, so an extra 5% off is impressive. The discount cannot be applied once an account has made its first trades, so be sure to sign up for your account using a referral link.

FTX.US trading fees

The FTX.US platform is known for having incredibly low trading fees. Traders can lower these fees even more, however, through their trading volume. The fee tier structure of the exchange is shown in the table below:

ftx.us referral code

Maker vs Taker Fees

Users are charged different fees depending on whether they are market makers or market takers. Market makers make trades that help add liquidity to a market, thus they are charged less in fees than takers who “take” liquidity from the market.

Generally, market maker trades get the best price for an asset, while market takers have their transactions complete immediately, without as much regard for price. Sellers and buyers can each be markets or takers in a transaction.

FTX.US referral code link FAQs

How can I get a referral code on FTX.com?

To sign up for FTX.US, use our referral code, BESTBONUS, and use our official referral link.

Does FTX.com give a welcome bonus?

FTX.US does not grant a one-time welcome bonus, but instead offers 5% off trading fees in perpetuity to new users signing up using a referral link.

FTX.US referral link – Our review

The FTX.US exchange is one of the best options for anyone looking to trade cryptocurrency in the US. Between low fees, a streamlined user interface, and advanced trading features, FTX.US is a powerful exchange that you can’t go wrong with.

Remember to sign up using our FTX.US referral link to get 5% of your trading fees.