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FTX Referral Code and Review (2022)

Looking for an FTX.com referral code? You’ve come to the right place! Sign up to the platform using our referral code: BESTBONUSNOW, or through our referral link.

What is the FTX referral code?

The FTX referral code gives new traders 5% off their trading fees. To get this bonus, sign up to the FTX exchange using our referral code: BESTBONUSNOW, or with our referral link.

FTX overview

Known for their rock-bottom fees and their advanced trading features, FTX is the exchange dubbed “by traders, for traders”. Due to some of their advanced markets, FTX.com is not available to US residents. Fortunately, Americans can use their FTX.us alternative that, while touting fewer markets & advanced features, is still a fully featured exchange.

The FTX platform boasts the following trading features:

  • Spot Markets
  • Futures Markets
  • Tokenized Stocks
  • Leveraged Tokens
  • Volatility Markets
  • Prediction Markets
  • Lending Functionality

Please Note: The FTX.com exchange is not available in the United States of America, Cuba, Crimea and Sevastopol, Luhansk People’s Republic, Donetsk People’s Republic, Iran, Afghanistan, Syria, or North Korea.

Where FTX Shines

Low fees – The FTX platform is most widely known for its low trading fees. Starting at 0.02% for maker fees and 0.07% for taker fees, the platform comes out of the gate with fees lower than some of its competitors can muster even after all their discounts and benefits. Users of FTX also have a plethora of ways to lower their trading fees including holding and staking the $FTT token, hitting a certain trading volume, and by signing up for their account using a referral link.

Robust $FTT Token – The $FTT token is the native cryptocurrency of the FTX platform. This token automatically gives trading fee discounts to those holding more than $100 of the token. $FTT can also be staked for additional fee discounts, referral rebate rates, airdrop increases, and a higher number of ERC-20 token withdrawals from the platform on a daily basis.

Diverse Market Types and Features – FTX offers some innovative features that can’t be found on any other platforms. The tokenized stocks option allows users to trade tokens that represent an underlying stock asset, giving traditional stock market assets a token twist and letting them sit right next to other cryptocurrencies in a trader’s portfolio. The volatility and prediction markets are features found on more traditional stock exchanges that FTX brings to its platform, even further expanding the options that traders have when they make an account.

How to sign up with the FTX referral code

Step 1: Navigate to FTX.com using our referral link.

FTX referral code

Step 2: Enter your email and password, agree to the FTX Terms of Service, and click “Create Account.”

FTX referral code

Step 3: Enter your identity information to complete FTX’s Know Your Customer process.

FTX referral code

Other crypto referral codes

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FTX referral program

The FTX referral program gives new users 5% off their trading fees. Be sure to sign up using our referral link in order to get access to your discounted trading fees. Once you start trading on an account, you can’t retroactively apply a referral code!


FTX is already known for having some of the lowest trading fees among all crypto exchanges. By taking advantage of their referral program, new users who sign up using a referral link can get an additional 5% off their fees.

Established in 2019, the FTX platform is a relative newcomer on the scene. Their documentation advises users that referral rewards may change unexpectedly at any time, so sign up today to get started as early as possible.

FTX trading fees

FTX uses a tier structure for their trading fees. In addition to using a referral code, there are several different ways to reduce your fees.

Volume Fee Discounts – Trading volume makes a big difference in determining trading fees. The more you trade on the FTX exchange, the less you’ll pay. These benefits, however, kick in starting at $2 million in 30-day trading volume, so they don’t apply to all traders.

FTX referral code

Discounts for $FTT Holders – FTX offers fee discounts for holders of their native token, $FTT. These discounts are much more attainable than the trading volume discounts as they kick in after just $100 of held $FTT. Please note that FTT holdings discount cannot decrease taker fees below 0.015%.

FTX referral code

Discounts for $FTT Stakers – The $FTT token is important for the FTX ecosystem in that it can not only be held for fee discounts, but can also be staked for additional discounts. The table below shows the staking discount tiers. $FTT stakers get additional rewards like higher rebate rates on referrals to the FTX platform, increased airdrop rewards, and waived ERC20 withdrawal fees.

FTX referral code link FAQs

FTX referral code

How can I get a referral code on FTX.com?

To sign up for FTX.com, use our official referral link.

Does FTX.com give a welcome bonus?

FTX.com does not grant a one-time welcome bonus, but instead offers 5% off trading fees in perpetuity to new users signing up using a referral link.

FTX referral link – Our review

The FTX exchange brings an extra 5% discount to an already impressively-low lineup of trading fees for new users who sign up with a referral link.

Use our referral link to sign up for FTX and take advantage of this great deal!