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About COMP Token

COMP is the native governance token for the leading DeFi lending protocol Compound.Finance.

COMP token holders use token weight to vote on important protocol decisions like interest rates, protocol fees and asset support using Compound’s governance dashboard. COMP can either be voted on an individual level, or delegated to a protocol politician to vote using your token weight.

The distribution of COMP started on June 15, 2020 and is earned by users who supply and borrow capital from Compound Finance.

Immediately after the distribution started, a Uniswap pool was created to allow COMP to be traded on the leading decentralized exchange. The price of COMP was initially seeded at $16/token.

COMP has a total supply of 10,000,000 tokens which is broken down as follows:

42.3% for protocol usage
24% to shareholders of Compound Labs, Inc.
22.25% to Compound founders & team, subject to 4-year vesting
7.75% reserved for future governance participation incentives
3.72% to future team members.

Most importantly, 0 COMP will be sold or retained by the founding company, Compound Labs, Inc.

0.50 COMP is distributed every Ethereum block (roughly every 10 seconds) proportionally across the markets which are collecting the most interest. This distribution is also split equally between suppliers and borrowers. You can see which asset(s) are earning the most COMP on any given day here.

Just a week after distribution began, COMP was listed on Coinbase Pro – a leading US crypto exchange.

When providing liquidity to Compound, users must claim their COMP through the voting dashboard. Alternatively, COMP is automatically claimed whenever users withdraw their holdings from the platform.