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About Litecoin

“Instant, near-zero cost payments to anyone in the world”

Litecoin is a plain-and-simple currency coin that was designed to prevail where Bitcoin tripped up: fast, low-cost payments. If you’ve seen our coin feature for Stellar, you’ll notice the two sound very similar on paper — and that’s because they are.

The coin, whose name is supposedly a play on words, doesn’t bring many new features to the cryptocurrency space. In fact, it was at one point a direct clone of Bitcoin. However, the optimized currency coin certainly offers faster transactions (at less than half the time Bitcoin takes) and cheaper transactions. As such, it’s a popular choice among investors who buy a major coin with fiat currency before trading it out for their desired coin on a dedicated crypto exchange.

Origins and Team

Litecoin was released by Google employee Charlie Lee in October of 2011. As touched on earlier, it started out life as a direct fork of Bitcoin Core. It’s development is headed by the Litecoin Foundation, featuring a handful of personel as detailed here.

Litecoin’s website can be found at The team also maintains a Twitter page and has its own community on Reddit.

Litecoin Price History

The charts go as far back as April 2013 for this ancient coin, when it was valued at over $4 a piece. The price remained relatively stable until November, when it spiked up to $10 before a three-and-a-half year flatline between $3 and $4. It then climbed up to $100 in November 2017 before launching up to over $330 by the years end. It has since followed a steady downtrend with upwards spikes in February and April of 2018.

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