42% of top universities teach blockchain – August 29

Current Bitcoin Price: $7005 (as of 11:30 AM PST)

Today’s Bitcoin chart may look a little dire, but it’s important to note the scale — which illustrates the Bitcoin has fallen less than $50 in value over the last 24 hours. In fact, the market is mostly stagnant across the board, with NEO, VeChain, Ontology, Nano, and Bytecoin experiencing around 10% corrections after their recent appreciations.

Top Bitcoin & Crypto News Stories for 29th August 2018

42% of top universities teach blockchain

Cryptocurrency (and the blockchain space as a whole) has grown massively over the last two years. Companies are finally starting to appreciate the potential of this technology, and it’s up to universities and colleges to accredit the “experts.”

A recent study has put forward the stunning statistic that 42% of the world’s top 50 universities now offer courses in blockchain technology and/or cryptocurrency, including Stanford University.

New ATH for Bitcoin hashrate

Hashrate is a measure of how fast cryptographic ‘puzzles’ (which cryptocurrency security is based on) are being solved, and it also conveys how much computing power is being allocated to the mining of a given cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin’s hashrate has hit a new all-time high of 62 million, trillion hashes per second, which Reddit users joke is the result of Bitcoin mining giant Bitmain testing new equipment.

dApp usage: It’s hard work

We featured a story in yesterday’s newsletter which noted how just eight decentralized apps had over 300 users between both the Ethereum and EOS networks, which is a laughable number given their multi-billion dollar valuations.

A recent Medium post describes just how difficult it is for a new user to play with their first dApp, with the huge number of necessary steps from buying Ether on Coinbase, to exchanging it for a chosen token on Binance, to installing the final wallet.