9% of Europeans own crypto – January 18

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You guessed it: the market is still churning sideways today. While Bitcoin is up half a percent, most other major cryptocurrencies have hardly budged. For reference, XRP is down just less than half a percent and Ethereum is up three tenths of a percent.

Looking further afield, the market does get more volatile. TRON is up more than three and a half percent, along with Binance Coin which is up just over four percent. VeChain, however, has taken a three percent hit following its recent jump.

Top Bitcoin & Crypto News Stories for 18th January 2018

9% of Europeans own crypto

HODL Finance is a lending platform which allows you to borrow fiat currency, using your cryptocurrencies as collateral. Although they may not sound like the most reputable source, HODL Finance just conducted a survey on over 14,000 European consumers with the question “Do you own some cryptocurrency?”

The shocking results suggest that an average of 9% of Europeans own at least some cryptocurrency. The individual cohorts in the study include France and the United Kingdom (where around 6% of consumers owned some cryptocurrency), along with more than 10 other countries, including Turkey (where the fraction was as high as 18%).

Thailand Stock Exchange considers digital assets

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts have long-wondered whether any digital assets (namely cryptocurrencies) would land themselves on traditional stock exchanges, but progress thus far has been slow — it seems that Germany has shown the most interest thus far.

Amid rumours that the national Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) will be adding digital assets to its platform, a story from the Bangkok Post reveals that Thailand’s stock exchange is indeed considering applying for a license to list digital assets on its platform.

Coinbase to allow PayPal withdrawals

Leading fiat on-ramp Coinbase has allowed you to deposit fiat currency from a PayPal account for quite some time; however, there hasn’t yet been the option to withdraw fiat currencies from the platform onto PayPal.

That changes today, as a Reddit user from the United Kingdom reveals a screenshot in which Coinbase announces the new option to withdraw funds to a PayPal account. It is still unclear if this change will take effect globally.