$318 million art sale recorded on blockchain – November 19

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Another Monday means another bloodbath. In the last 24 hours, more than 7% of Bitcoin’s price has been chopped off. XRP, which has regained the number two spot, is down just under 4%, while Ethereum is down more than 11%.

However you look at it, there is red all round the market. Most currencies fall into one of two groups: those down by 7-9%, like Bitcoin Cash, Stellar, and NEM, and those down by 11-17%, like Litecoin, Cardano, and Monero.

Top Bitcoin & Crypto News Stories for 19th November 2018

$318 million art sale recorded on blockchain

Everyone’s talking about applications for the blockchain, a lot of which use the chain as exactly what it is: a public ledger. This is an especially popular feature when it comes to tracking fine art or other, authenticity-valuing products.

A massive $318 million art transaction has just been recorded on the blockchain. It was Christie’s auction house in New York that auctioned the art, along with 41 other pieces, while recording the details on the Ethereum blockchain.

Thomas Reuters partners with crypto startup

Thomson Reuteurs is a mass media and information firm that provides a variety of data and information to news sources around the world — heck, you might have even seen them listed as a source on your local news channel.

Reuters has partnered with blockchain startup Level01, to whom they will be providing their financial and fundamental data, with the aim of improving their peer-to-peer derivatives exchange.

Japan to regulate online wallets

In terms of Asian markets, Japan is a pretty sizeable economy that could definitely make their mark on the crypto space. But what do Japanese regulators think of crypto and the blockchain?

Apparently, the latest regulatory progress in Japan isn’t great: lawmakers want to regulate all online wallets associated with cryptocurrency exchanges, and have each of them tied to the user’s identity.