Audi Think Tank and IOTA collaboration – July 26

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It’s a day in the green for the cryptocurrency market, but success is varying wildly across the major coins. Stellar, for example, is up a further 7% after last week’s bull run, while Ripple is up just 1%.

Similarly, Bitcoin has risen by just one percent. If anything, it seems like we’re returning to last year’s altcoin cycle — whereby gains would periodically alternate from Bitcoin to the rest of the market.

Top Bitcoin & Crypto News Stories for 26th July 2018

Audi Think Tank and IOTA collaboration

IOTA is the Tangle-based currency coin that’s been boasting about its impressive collaborations for years. Those include Bosch and Volkswagen — although the extent of the “collaboration” is unclear.

The team has announced yet another partnership, this time with Audi’s Berlin-based “Think Tank”. The duo aim to explore Tangle use cases and build prototypes for early customer feedback.

PayFair moves to 0% maker fee is the website of choice for those looking to sell Bitcoin privately, with payment in cash, bank transfer, or even gift cards. PayFair is a lesser-known alternative that’s pushing to gain traction.

That’s why the PayFair team have decided to change their pricing structure to a zero maker fee, which means those who publish offers on their marketplace won’t pay a penny for the privilege!

Korean authorities moving quick for legitimization

Last month saw two major Korean exchanges, Bithumb and Coinrail, hacked for over $40 million. Despite that, Korean officials still have a positive outlook on cryptocurrencies.

As a result, authorities in the country are pushing for quick legitimization of cryptocurrencies — along with the decisions on any relevant regulations — so as to prevent further hacks.