Austin, TX partners with IOTA – May 1

📈 30 Second Price Summary

Current Bitcoin Price: $5368

The market is up a pleasant 1% across the board, with both Bitcoin and Ethereum trading close to that. XRP, however, is down more than 1% today. For most cryptocurrencies, its a few percent in the green, with a fair few coins sitting one or two percent in the red.

Top performers today are Bitcoin Cash, Dash, and Cosmos, which are up by 6.8%, 6.2%, and 18.9% respectively.

Top Stories for 1st May 2019 🔥

👉 Austin, TX partners with IOTA

We hear plenty about cryptocurrency partnerships between projects and various for-profit companies, but there hasn’t been much partnership with governments or other national or regional bodies.

The transport authority in the city of Austin, Texas — Austin Transportation — has partnered with IOTA in an effort to improve mobility services in the city. It’s unclear what exactly this partnership will amount to, but it appears that IOTA technology will be used to better track and manage public transportation services.

👉 Crypto ads in Times Square

Cryptocurrency and blockchain has come a long way since five years ago. Nowadays, there are growing numbers of physical advertisements for cryptocurrency payment services, projects, and the like.

A huge advertisement for BOLT, the cryptocurrency wallet, has been photographed in New York’s Times Square. The advertisement also suggest a partnership with Nasdaq.

👉 MA strategy vs holding (3000% vs 250%)

Some trading strategies — especially based on moving averages — seem far too simple to be even remotely successful. For example, what if you bought Ethereum every time the price crossed the 10 day moving average, and sold every time it dipped below?

A Reddit user has crunched the numbers for how this strategy would turn out, having invested $150 when Ethereum first hit that price in mid 2017. The data suggests you’d make a 3000% return on investment with the moving average strategy, as compared to as 250% return on investment by simply holding. It’s worth mentioning that backtesting like this is generally considered a poor way to draw conclusions.