Bakkt CEO talks of “crypto revolution” – October 16

Current Bitcoin Price: $6598 (as of 8:00 AM PST)

The cryptocurrency price charts are mixed this morning. While Bitcoin is down almost one percent, close competitors Ethereum and XRP are up by 0.28% and 2.04% respectively. Other than that, most major coins are similarly up or down a few percent.

The top-20 coin that’s making a big play today is Tezos, which is up 13.87% to continue its rally this week.

Top Bitcoin & Crypto News Stories for 16th October 2018

Bakkt CEO talks of “crypto revolution”

Bakkt is the much-awaited cryptocurrency trading platform fathered by traditional finance behemoth ICE. CEO Kelly Leoffler takes her experience in the markets from significant experience at ICE.

She has announced, in the month leading up to Bakkt’s launch, that “We’re about to see a cryptocurrency revolution”, having recently hired Coinbase vice president Adam White as COO.

Fidelity launches digital asset custody service

Fidelity Investments is yet another financial services provider from the conventional money space, which handles over $7 trillion in assets.

They have just announced the launch of Fidelity Digital Asset Service, which will take care of managing cryptocurrencies and other digital assets for its clients.

American Express vs cryptocurrency

In another humorous story to end the newsletter, American Express has been found promoting Twitter posts with a somewhat anti-crypto agenda. The sponsored tweets read:

“The cryptocurrency industry is using more energy than all the world’s electric vehicles, researchers say.”