Binance issues security warning, after possible leak of user information – August 9

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Current Bitcoin Price$11,831

The blood continues across cryptocurrency large-caps today. Bitcoin is down about 1%, meanwhile, altcoins take another hit as EOS and BCH drop 5%. Ethereum is also down 4%, while XRP also continues to bleed, down 3%.

Top Stories for 9th August 2019 🔥

👉 Binance issues security warning, after possible leak of up to 60,000 users’ information

Binance has issued a statement regarding a possible leak user data, which could potentially affect up to 60,000 of its users.

According to the statement, a hacker has claimed to hold 10,000 images of users that resemble that of Binance’s KYC data.

The exchange claims that there are inconsistencies between information that the hacker has released and their own database, suggesting that the hack may be no more than a bluff.

The hacker has demanded 300 Bitcoin in exchange for withholding the data.

👉 15 countries planning to create cryptocurrency system to fight money laundering

The governments of close to 15 countries – including those in the G7 – are collaborating to build a system to fight the use of cryptocurrencies for money laundering purposes.

The system plans to collect and share data on individuals who use cryptocurrency, and is intended to be active in “a few years” after 2020.

👉 Banking systems in Israel lock out crypto traders

Cryptocurrency traders in Israel have been unable to deposit profits, resulting in about $86 million of unpaid crypto taxes.

It has been reported that the banks are locking up funds due to fears surrounding know-your-customer and anti-money-laundering laws.