Binance and Tron Have Weibo Accounts Banned – November 18

📈 30 Second Cryptocurrency Price Summary

Current Bitcoin Price$8,469

Bitcoin price has fallen half a percent over the last 24 hours, after a larger fall over the weekend. Price has settled below the $8,500 mark.

Altcoins have also had poor performance, with most top-20 coins down or relatively unchanged over the last day of trading. Cardano and Tezos have been the best performers, with increases of 1.5% and 3%, respectively.

Top Stories for November 18, 2019 🔥

👉 Binance and Tron Have Weibo Accounts Banned

Weibo – China’s version of Twitter – has suspended both the Binance and Tron official accounts due to “violations of laws and regulations and relevant provisions”.

A Chinese news source has reported that the suspension for Binance may be subject to greater penalties. The suspension may be due to Binance’s recent announcement of fiat gateways via WeChat and Alipay.

👉 Coinbase to Launch Crypto IRAs

Coinbase is collaborating with Kingdom Trust and Regal Assets to launch crypto-based investor returement accounts (IRAs).

Accounts will be insured with $200m from the largest insurance company in the world, Lloyd’s of London.

👉 US Fed Warns that a Stablecoin Crisis Could Ruin Global Finance

The United States Federal Reserve Board has expressed its concerns regarding the rise of stablecoins in a recent report, and indicated the steps that must be taken to prevent a crisis.

The Fed’s main concern appears to lie on a bank-run on stablecoin issuers, in the case of a peg being broken.