Bitcoin reaches high for 2019; approaching $6000 – May 7

📈 30 Second Price Summary

Current Bitcoin Price: $5922

The market is up an average of just over 2% today. Bitcoin and Ethereum are both trading in the green by about 3%, while most other cryptocurrencies are simply churning sideways. In the top-20, only four other currencies have moved more than 2% in either direction.

Top Stories for 7th May 2019 🔥

👉 Bitcoin reaches high for 2019; approaching $6000

Following today’s 3% gains, Bitcoin has reached a new high for the calendar year of 2019. Currently trading at $5921, Bitcoin is extremely close to the $6000 mark. It would take less than a 2% shift for it to get there.

In fact, Bitcoin is already trading at more than $6000 on some exchanges with a premium. Most notably, the currency is trading at almost $6200 on Bitfinex, which is behaving erratically due to an ongoing legal investigation.

👉 Economist calls to “shut down” cryptocurrencies

Meet Joseph Stiglitz: he’s a 76-year-old American economist who won the Nobel prize in Economic Sciences for his work on information asymmetry — when one party knows more than another — and how it affects markets.

The economist has called to “shut down” cryptocurrencies, saying that private, anonymous currencies facilitate illicit activity. Has anyone told him most cryptocurrencies are transparent, operating on a public ledger?

👉 Craig Wright ordered to disclose 2013 Bitcoin holdings

Craig Wright, the BSV proponent, has come under a lot of fire recently for claiming to be Satoshi Nakamoto — the creator of Bitcoin — and suing anyone who claims otherwise.

He’s facing his own lawsuits now, including one for the misappropriation of a late partner’s funds, and a US judges has required him to disclose his Bitcoin holdings from 2013.