Bitcoin Reaches Record 44M Non-Zero Addresses – February 14

📈 30 Second Cryptocurrency Price Summary

Current Bitcoin Price$22,047

Bitcoin price has bounced back to the $22,000 level to begin Tuesday, following the release of the latest consumer price index numbers.

Top-20 altcoins have recovered slightly over the last 24 hours, as Ether gains 4%, BNB also rises 4% and Cardano leads with a 9% bounce.

Top Stories for February 14, 2022 🔥

👉 Bitcoin Reaches Record 44M Non-Zero Addresses After Ordinals Launch

Bitcoin has reached a new all-time high of 44 million non-zero addresses, thanks to the launch of Ordinals – non-fungible tokens (NFTs) based on the Bitcoin blockchain – according to data from Glassnode.

This surge has led to an uptick in Bitcoin network usage and a growth in the user base beyond investment and monetary transfer use cases.

While Ordinals is competing for block space demand, it has not led to a significant increase in Bitcoin transaction fees. The technology behind Ordinals was enabled by the Taproot soft fork of November 2021, and there have been over 78,400 NFT-like images and videos inscribed so far.

👉 Siemens Issues Euro-Denominated Bond On Polygon Blockchain

Germany’s third-largest publicly traded company, Siemens, has issued its first digital bond worth €60 million ($64 million) on the Polygon blockchain, with a maturity of one year.

The bond can be sold directly to investors without requiring a bank intermediary, reducing paperwork and reaching out to potential purchasers directly.

The Electronic Securities Act, which allows for the sale of blockchain-based debt, came into force in Germany in June 2021. The move toward blockchain-based securities is expected to help execute transactions faster and more efficiently.

👉 “Blur” NFT Marketplace To Raise At $1B Valuation

NFT marketplace Blur is set to close a funding round with a billion-dollar valuation, according to sources. Initially, Blur had been seeking to raise $15-30 million with a $700 million valuation, but the raise quickly became oversubscribed, driving the price higher.

The news of the funding round coincides with the launch of Blur’s native token, but the company has not commented on the matter. In March 2022, the company raised $11 million in seed funding from Paradigm, eGirl Capital, 0xMaki and LedgerStatus.