Bitcoin hits $8000 – July 24

Current Bitcoin Price: $8165 (as of 8:00 AM PST)

There’s an overwhelming amount of green on today’s 24 hour charts, as Bitcoin swings up 6%, pulling a handful of altcoins with it. The biggest mover among the top 20 is TRON, which has risen over 7% in the last 24 hours.

Ethereum is up around 2.5%, Ripple 1.5%, and both Bitcoin Cash and EOS around 4.5%. While those make Bitcoin’s six percent increase sound less impressive, the world’s flagship crypto has just ticked over $8000…

Top Bitcoin & Crypto News Stories for 24th July 2018

Bitcoin hits $8000

Last year saw a massive bull run for the cryptocurrency market, with Bitcoin reaching $8000 for the first time in its history in late November, and further running up to a peak of $19000 before the year’s end.

However, the market has fallen considerable since then. In fact, the last two months’ bear cycle has kept Bitcoin consistently below the $8000 line, which it surpassed earlier today.

Google lists altcoin prices

Cryptos are slowly becoming less of a “fad” — as the general public has previously thought — and changing the world’s financial principles for good. Companies like Facebook are starting to catch on; Google is no exception.

The popular search engine has just begun listing the price of major altcoins on its search results pages. The feature was previously limited to Bitcoin, but now includes a handful of top-20 coins including Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash.

NANO begins Asia outreach

There’s no doubt that NANO’s marketing efforts have been targeting the West. However, they’ve decided it’s time to make the most of the world’s global market.

NANO’s increased marketing scope is starting with China, with team member Max Chow launching official WeChat and Weibo accounts to target the huge market.