Bitmain launches BitDeer – December 28

Current Bitcoin Price: $3917 (as of 9:00 AM PST)

The cryptocurrency market was bleeding away for most of the day, but a large spike in the last hour has knocked 24 hour returns into green territory.

Bitcoin and XRP are now up by about 3%, while Ethereum is up twice that. For most other currencies, the change is somewhere in between — including Bitcoin Cash (up 5%) and EOS (up 4%).

Top Bitcoin & Crypto News Stories for 28th December 2018

Bitmain launches BitDeer

Bitmain is a huge China-based cryptocurrency mining company, that runs one of the world’s largest mining pools in addition to producing some of the space’s most popular mining hardware.

Amid claims that the company is struggling with finances — and soon to go under — Bitmain has launched another cloud-based mining venture: BitDeer. The service allows you to rent mining power without having to touch any hardware yourself!

Filecoin dumps 200k+ Ethereum

Filecoin is a cryptocurrency project designed to revolutionize data storage using the blockchain. It held an ICO back in 2017, raising over $200 million, and has held a good chunk of Ethereum since.

A recent report shows that the Filecoin team has made the decision to dump some of their Ethereum, already having sold over 200 thousand (equivalent to more than $17 million).

Pompliano calls ICOs “horrible”

Anthony Pompliano is a cryptocurrency personality known both for his crypto podcast and bold Twitter presence. He recently held an interview with blockchain news company LongHash.

In the interview, Pompliano said that ICOs had been a horrible investment opportunity for many. Ironically, he is currently in the ICO game himself!