World’s largest asset manager BlackRock eyes crypto – July 16

Current Bitcoin Price: $6648 (as of 8:00 AM PST)

The market flatlined this weekend, falling perhaps a percent or two on Saturday but regaining it on Sunday. 24 hour charts were also looking pretty quiet today — that is, until a few hours ago when the market shot up over 4% across the board.

Almost all of the top 100 cryptocurrencies are up 5, 6, or 7% today. Some exceptions are Tether (USDT, #10), which has its price tied to the dollar, VeChain (VEN, #19), and Bitcoin Diamond (BCD, #42).

Top Bitcoin & Crypto News Stories for 16th July 2018

World’s largest asset manager BlackRock eyes crypto

BlackRock is believed to be the world’s largest asset manager. It’s estimated to have over US $5 trillion in assets and is traded on the New York Stock Exchange as BLK.

The management firm is said to be considering an entrance to the crypto market. According to a source familiar with the matter, they’ve already created a team to begin researching blockchain and crypto investment opportunities.

Monero’s first security audit successfully completed

Monero (XMR, #13) is the ultra-popular privacy coin — currently trading at just under $130 to the piece with a market cap of $2 billion.

The coin’s first security audit has just been completed by private cybersecurity firm Kudelski Security. Monero’s Twitter page said that “bearing a few minor issues, [it’s] been successfully completed!”

Delta portfolio app reaches 1,000,000 users

Delta is an alternative cruptocurrency portfolio app for those who don’t use the more-popular Blockfolio. It’s availlable for both Android and iOS devices.

The team has been celebrating on Twitter this week, having reached the “huge milestone” of one million active users.