Kraken says Bloomberg is manipulating BTC futures – July 2

Current Bitcoin Price: $6623 (as of 8:10 AM PST)

This weekend we’ve seen the cryptocurrency market fight back against last week’s downtrend. It’s been a valiant effort, as the market shot up around 8 percent late Friday and a further 5 percent today. That’s left Bitcoin at $6623 and Ethereum at $474.

Some big movers are Bytecoin (BCN, #24) and NEO (#12), both up by around 20% as well as EOS (#5) and IOTA (#9), which are both up almost 12%, alongside a sea of other coins in the green.

Top Bitcoin & Crypto News Stories for 2nd July 2018

Kraken says Bloomberg is manipulating BTC futures

Kraken is one of the major cryptocurrency exchanges and features a number of fiat pairs with the dollar, euro, and pound — among other currencies.

On June 29, Bloomberg published an article discussing so-called regulatory “red flags” in the Kraken trading charts for Tether. However, Kraken has responded saying that the Bloomberg article was itself an attempt to manipulate the price of Bitcoin futures.

BitMEX CEO predicts $50,000 Bitcoin by yearend

BitMEX claims to be an “advanced”, peer-to-peer trading platform for Bitcoin. The company’s CEO, Arthur Hayes, recently made an appearance on CNBC’s “Fast Money” program.

Of particular interest was his prediction that Bitcoin would hit the 50 thousand dollar milestone by the end of 2018.

Coinbase continues push to become SEC-regulated

There’s been no shortage of Coinbase coverage in this newsletter, but that’s because it truly is a pioneering cryptocurrency exchange.

The exchange has been pushing for SEC regulation for many months, and they’re a step closer now that acquired the securities firm Keystone Capital Corp.