Buy real estate with Binance coin – October 12

Current Bitcoin Price: $6276 (as of 10:00 AM PST)

More interesting than any dip is how the market recovers. Over the last 24 hours, Bitcoin has stayed stationary in terms of price, with Ethereum dropping a futher 2%. In terms of more bullish moves, XRP has risen by 4% — the best recovery of any major coin.

Top Bitcoin & Crypto News Stories for 12th October 2018

Buy real estate with Binance Coin

Propy is a digital real estate service that allows users to instantly buy properties worldwide using cryptocurrencies. Hitherto, it’s allowed payment in dollars, Bitcoin, Ethereum, or XRP.

Binance Coin has just been added to the list, which will allow holders of the token to purchase real estate directly with their crypto.

Waltonchain reveals new hardware

Waltonchain is a supply chain project, which means that creating hardware that can act as a physical interface for interacting with supplies is just as important as building the blockchain tech.

They’ve just announced the creation of a new piece of hardware — a smart Read/Write interface — which can be used to read labels in the real world before putting the information onto the blockchain.

Crypto players enter China rich list

There’s no doubt that cryptocurrency moguls make a lot of money, buy just how much?

A handful of cryptocurrency players have just entered China’s rich list, for earning over $200 million this year. That includes Bitmain cofounders and the founder of Binance, all of whom made over $2 billion this year.