Brave featured in PC Magazine – January 17

Current Bitcoin Price: $3636 (as of 8:00 AM PST)

The cryptocurrency market is down about another one percent today, with Bitcoin falling 0.67% over the last 24 hours. As usual, the altcoins have it worse: XRP is down 1.07% and Ethereum is down 1.91%.

Among the top-10 coins, Bitcoin Cash and EOS are the only coins in the green, albeit by less than 0.5%. Looking further, VeChain is posting impressive gains of more than 8% today.

Top Bitcoin & Crypto News Stories for 17th January 2018

Brave featured in PC Magazine

Brave is the crypto-friendly browser which was built to reward users for watching advertisements; the browser, which comes with its proprietary Basic Attention Token (BAT), is oriented towards extensive security and privacy — and its cool interface has gotten it plenty of attention over recent months.

PC Magazine, one of the world’s most popular computer magazines, has featured the Brave browser in one of its recent articles. The article details how the browser will reward users and what those rewards can be used for, giving mention to the token technology behind it all.

Relex (RLX) outed as scam

Relex is a cryptocurrency project designed to allow international investment in real estate by means of the tokens. It’s historically held a high market cap of several million dollars or more; however, in recent weeks the token’s market cap has faded away to just a fraction of that.

The project, which seems to have been dying off anyway, has been called a scam by Reddit user /u/CrystalPinecone. He says the team made continuous lies while manipulating the market along the way.

Andreas Antonopoulos to appear on Joe Rogan Experience

Andreas Antonopoulos is a world-famous Bitcoin advocate, who teaches a Masters in Digital Currencies in his home country Greece. To the internet, he’s better known for his role in the Let’s Talk Bitcoin podcast and his witty Twitter page.

Having already been featured on the Joe Rogan Experience more than four times, it’s highly likely that Andreas will soon be invited to appear on the podcast yet again.