Crypto-browser Brave surpasses 3 million users – July 13

Current Bitcoin Price: $6262 (as of 8:00 AM PST)

Overall, the cryptocurrency market is up a few percent today. While Bitcoin and Ethereum are just short of 1.5% in the green, other top-20 currencies like EOS, NEO, and DASH are closer to the 5% mark.

Looking closer at the charts, we can see that the market took a slight hit on Thursday night before surging back up to and beyond where it was this time yesterday.

Top Bitcoin & Crypto News Stories for 13th July 2018

Crypto-browser Brave surpasses 3 million users

Brave is the latest in internet browsers, and boasts a streamlined internet experience where ads can be shown in exchange for compensation in the form of BAT (#45).

The browser has just hit 3 million monthly active users. Equally impressive, the Android app has reached Top 10 in the “free communication apps” category on the Google Play Store.

Binance to fund decentralized bank in Malta

There’s been much talk of Binance opening bank accounts in Malta to service Euro-crypto trading pairs. It looks like that’s set to go ahead, but Binance has more plans for the country.

Binance owns a 5% stake in Founders Bank, the world’s first community-owned bank. Silvio Schembri, Malta’s junior minister for financial services, says the country is “honored to be chosen”.

Billionaire Steven Cohen invests in crypto

Steven Cohen is an American billionaire who made his money as an investor and hedge fund manager. He’s continuing his work today, through the VC firm Cohen Private Ventures among others.

Bloomberg has announced that Steven Cohen has invested in a cryptocurrency and blockchain-focused hedge fund, according to an unnamed source.