President of Brazil “does not know what Bitcoin is” – July 17

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Top Stories for 17th July 2019 🔥

👉 President of Brazil “does not know what Bitcoin is”

Jair Bolsonaro has been the president of Brazil since the start of this year. He’s 64 years-old, and previously served as a military officer in the country.

Bolsonaro recently appeared on a Brazilian TV show, where he admitted that he doesn’t know what Bitcoin is.

👉 Deloitte: 94% of enterprises will invest in blockchain

Deloitte is one of the world’s largest consulting companies. Within the last few years, the company has taken great interest in blockchain technology, and just recently conducted a survey.

In their 2019 blockchain survey, Deloitte found that 94% of enterprises plan to invest in blockchain technology. Of these, 27% plan to invest between one and five million dollars.

👉 Dash Core CEO speculates governments getting “scared”

Ryan Taylor is the CEO of Dash Core, one of the organizations that contribute to the development of the DASH payment network.

Yesterday, Ryan tweeted “I’m guessing 2019 will be considered by history when governments first became truly scared of losing their monopolies on printing monopoly money. The only thin air is between their ears.”