Brazil investment bank to tokenize with Tezos – July 4

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Current Bitcoin Price$11,793

The market has climbed back up a further 2% in the last 24 hours. Bitcoin is up 3%, while close contenders XRP and Ethereum are actually in the red as much as 1.5%. Further afield, the charts are a spattering of red and green — mostly green — with most coins up 2 to 6% today.

Top Stories for 4th July 2019 🔥

👉 Brazil investment bank to tokenize with Tezos

BTG Pactual is a publicly-traded Brazilian investment bank with over $35 billion in assets. That makes it the biggest standalone bank in Brazil.

The investment bank is set to partner with Tezos to tokenize more than $1 billion in assets on the blockchain. Dalma Capital, a Dubai asset manager, will also move some of its deal flows to the Tezos blockchain

👉 Bitcoin uses as much energy as Swtizerland

The Bitcoin network is secured by a complex Proof-of-Work algorithm, which rewards miners for contributing their computing power to the network. Obviously, this uses a lot of energy.

As it turns out, Bitcoin uses as much energy — in fact, marginally more — than the entire country of Switzerland. That’s just under 60 teraWatt hours per year.

👉 Ledger: Trezor hardware wallets have unfixable vulnerability

The Donjon is Ledger’s dedicated security team, and tests Ledger’s hardware wallets — and their competitors’ — with more than $100,000 of hacking equipment.

Unfortunately, the Donjon has revealed that Tezor hardware wallet suffer from a seed extraction vulnerability, which cannot be fixed due to the hardware in the devices. The only way to mitigate the attack is to use a strong passphrase.