Jim Breyer: Bright future for crypto – December 5

Current Bitcoin Price: $3730 (as of 9:00 AM PST)

Both Bitcoin and XRP are down about 4% over the last 24 hours, but Ethereum is down almost 6%. The damage is similar across the market, with most coins down from 2% to 10%.

However, the biggest red movers are Bitcoin Cash, EOS, and Maker, which have all dumped more than 10%. It’s just Binance Coin and Factom that are trending up on the daily.

Top Bitcoin & Crypto News Stories for 4th December 2018

Jim Breyer: Bright future for crypto

Billionaire investor Jim Breyer is best known for his investments in Facebook, Dell, and Walmart, among others, but he’s also a notable crypto personality. In fact, he’s a long-term cryptocurrency bull — no wonder cryptocurrency investors like him.

Despite the current bear bias in the marketplace, Jim has maintained a bright forecast for the cryptocurrency space. He says that the world’s smartest academics are working with blockchain, and that you don’t want to bet against the “brightest and best.”

Binance reveals Decentralized Exchange sneak-peek

Binance is an incredibly popular cryptocurrency exchange, but the very nature of the exchange — a centralized one — goes against the principles of many blockchain and cryptocurrency projects.

With that in mind, Binance have been working on a DEx (Decentralized Exchange), where there’s no middleman to hold your coins and facilitate trades. They’ve just published a sneak-peek of the exchange on YouTube.

IOTA partners with [email protected]

IOTA’s biggest focus is the realizing Internet of Things, i.e. the network of machines communicating directly with one and other to make our everyday lives’ easier.

IOTA has partnered with [email protected], a standardized model for data communication, in order to facilitate this machine communication.