CNBC’s Brian Kelly: Selling after ETF news is “Doing Crypto Wrong” – August 9

Current Bitcoin Price: $6437 (as of 9:00 AM PST)

A quick look at the percentage change in crypto prices over the last 24 hours makes it look like the market is trading sideways. In fact, Bitcoin fell several hundred dollars this time yesterday, and only regained that ground over the last hour or two; the same is true for most other major currencies.

It really is a mixed spread today, although there is certainly more green on the charts than there is red. Among the top-10 currencies, the biggest mover is Cardano — which has risen 5% today.

Top Bitcoin & Crypto News Stories for 9th August 2018

CNBC’s Brian Kelly: Selling after ETF news is “Doing Crypto Wrong”

Brian Kelly is a prominent contributor to CNBC’s Fast Money segment, which often deals with the topic of cryptocurrencies. After the SEC’s recent news to delay approval of a Bitcoin ETF, Kelly has a strong opinion to share.

The CEO and TV personality says that investors selling Bitcoin based on the SEC’s decision to delay a Bitcoin ETF are “doing it wrong.” It sounds he’s like positive about the market, even in these bear times.

Opera announces crypto wallet

Opera is one of the most popular web browsers there is. While it only accounts for 2% of browsers, that still makes it a serious contender — with 40 million users — after major players Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Internet Explorer.

The Opera team has just announced the addition of a cryptocurrency wallet to their desktop browser, which is hoped to propel cryptocurrency adoption across the world.

SEC “has a lot of questions” related to crypto

Hester Peirce is an SEC commissioner who earned the title of “Crypto Mom” after her decision to support the first Bitcoin ETF earlier last week. As such, she’s an important figure for those following the topic.

Yesterday, she sent out a Tweet saying that SEC’s Division of Investment Management “has a lot of questions related to crypto funds”. She added that she’s “happy that there’s finally an online forum for people to respond”, linking to a page on the SEC website.