British Virgin Islands to Issue Own Digital Currency – December 4

📈 30 Second Cryptocurrency Price Summary

Current Bitcoin Price$7,218

Bitcoin has fallen 1% over the last day of trading, still sitting in the low $7,000s.

Top-20 altcoins have also suffered once again, with XRP falling 2.5%, and Ethereum falling 1%. Bitcoin SV has performed the best over the last 24 hours, with a rise of over 4%.

Top Stories for December 4, 2019 🔥

👉 British Virgin Islands to Issue Own Digital Currency

The British Virgin Islands has partnered with to launch its own stablecoin, which will be pegged 1:1 with the US dollar.

The territory is no stranger to cryptocurrency, and is home to the infamous Bitfinex exchange and Tether stablecoin.

👉 Bakkt Bitcoin Futures Not Fully-Backed by BTC

It has emerged that Bakkt’s physically-delivered Bitcoin futures are not completely backed by Bitcoin, in fact being 37% backed by “dollars or treasuries”.

According to one economist and trader, a very small proportion of traders take physical delivery of the contracts, and it should not be treated as a serious issue.

👉 DASH Ex-Advisor Disappears with Investor Funds, CMO Responds

Dash CMO Fernando Gutierrez has addressed accusations of a former Dash adviser stealing investor funds. Gutierrez claims that the adviser was never hired by Dash Core Group.

Adviser “Moocowmoo” went off the radar several months ago, allegedly taking investor funds with him.