85% of Canadians aware of Bitcoin – July 12

Current Bitcoin Price: $6375 (as of 7:50 AM PST)

It’s another day in the red for the crypto market, and while it feels like we’ve been on a downwards rollercoaster for the last two months, it’s easy to forget that we’re still above June’s low of a $58xx Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is down 3.7% over the last 24 hours while Ethereum is down 2.6%. Tezos (XTZ, #18) has taken another significant hit, falling 9.7%, and so has ICON (ICX, #24), falling 8.7%. On the other end of the spectrum there’s not much to talk about, since only 5 of the top 100 coins have appreciated today.

Top Bitcoin & Crypto News Stories for 12th July 2018

85% of Canadians aware of Bitcoin

Awareness is an important topic for blockchain investors and enthusiasts alike. Thankfully, it’s been growing steadily across the world over the last few years.

Bank of Canada has announced that awareness of cryptocurrency in Canada has risen to 85 percent, according to a recent survey.

Coinbase CTO says adoption is “just getting started”

There’s much debate as to where cryptocurrency stands in the adoption cycle. While we just noted a 85% awareness rate in Canada, how many of those individuals actually use cryptocurrency?

Coinbase’s Balaji S. Srinivasan thinks the industry is “just getting started”, with the analogy that 63% of adults own a smart phone but only 1% of them hold cryptocurrency.

Blockfolio Signals reaches 40 teams

Blockfolio is an incredibly popular iOS and Android app for tracking cryptocurrency portfolios, and they recently introduced a “Signals” feature which allows development teams to share updates with users.

The feature has just reached the milestone of 40 participating development teams, including DASH, Monero, Nano, and Ontology, among many others.