Cash App (Square) Enables Automatic Bitcoin Purchases – May 19

📈 30 Second Cryptocurrency Price Summary

Current Bitcoin Price$9,609

Bitcoin price continues to range in the high $9,000s for yet another day of trading, once again testing and failing to break recent highs.

Top-20 altcoins have mostly remained unchanged, as Ethereum, XRP and Bitcoin Cash all move less than 1% for the day. Binance Coin was the only significant mover, gaining just over 3%.

Top Stories for May 19, 2020 🔥

👉 Cash App (Square) Enables Automatic Bitcoin Purchases

Square’s Cash App has enabled users to automatically purchase Bitcoin periodically, with three different time intervals to select from.

The feature is designed to allow users to dollar-cost average their Bitcoin purchases on a daily, weekly, or fornightly basis, without having to manually make the purchases.

The minimum recurring purchase limit has been set at $10.

👉 Bitcoin Twitter Sentiment Score Breaks Historical Highs

A Twitter sentiment score created by crypto data company The TIE has shown its highest levels since those of 2017, when the metric was created.

The score tracks the number of positive Tweets about Bitcoin in relation to the number of negative Tweets, and tracks them using a 30-day average.

👉 Uniswap Version 2 Launches, With New Features

Uniswap’s Version 2 has launched today, featuring new tools including flash loans, an oracle service and more token-swap pairs.

The most significant difference may be the branching out from Ether-based token pairs, instead enabling users to create any token pairing they desire.

Flash loans are also a feature rising in popularity across the DeFi space, allowing users to make collateral-free loans – upon the condition that the money is repaid within the same block.