Cboe exchange to stop Bitcoin futures – March 15

Current Bitcoin Price: $3932 (as of 12:00 AM PST)

For a change, the cryptocurrency market is moving by more than a single percentage point. Today we’re shifting upwards slightly, with the market average sitting around positive 1.8% for the last 24 hours.

Bitcoin and XRP are both up by about 1.1/1.2%, while Ethereum is up almost 3.5%. Litecoin, EOS, and Bitcoin Cash are all posting gains in the 3-7% range. Meanwhile, Binance Coin and Stellar are the only top coins in sight that are down at all — both by just a few fractions of a percent.

Top Crypto News Stories for 15th March 2018

Cboe exchange to stop Bitcoin futures

Cboe Futures Exchange (CFE) launched its Bitcoin futures contracts back in December of 2017. Interest in the futures grew till mid 2018, but has been on a down slope since.

The exchange will stop trading Bitcoin futures, citing that it needs a “review how it approaches the space.” Some believe this may be related to the upcoming launch of Bakkt’s physically-backed Bitcoin futures, while others attribute the decision to waning interest.

McCarthy urges government to use blockchain

Congressman Kevin McCarthy has represented California’s 23rd congressional district since 2007, and he’s the current House Minority Leader. He recently spoke his thoughts on blockchain at Congress.

McCarthy has urged the government to implement the use of blockchain in its own records, not only to increase accountability, but also to test out the potential of the technology and better understands its applications and constraints in the real world.

Bitcoin charts from 2014 compared to now

We see a lot of primitive trading analysis in the cryptocurrency space, and some of that “trading analysis” is simply comparing historical price movements to current charts (although very often with different time scales).

A Reddit user has compared Bitcoin’s recent downtrend to a 2014 chart which shows the currency climbing up just to fall back down, but of course: the 2014 chart shows Bitcoin swiftly recovering. The similarity is there — take a look for yourself!