CFTC Chairman: Crypto is “here to stay” – October 3

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On the whole the cryptocurrency market is falling today, but the damage is mild and limited to about 5% across most major currencies. Nevertheless, all but one of the top-20 currencies are down, with Binance Coin being the exception today.

In terms of specifics for the market leaders, Bitcoin is only down a single percent, while Ethereum and XRP are down more severely by 3 and 5% respectively.

Top Bitcoin & Crypto News Stories for 3rd October 2018

CFTC Chairman: Crypto is “here to stay”

J. Christopher Giancarlo is one of the most senior financial regulators in the United States, and he’s partially in charge of regulating cryptocurrencies. He recently featured on CNBC’s Fast Money segmented to share some of his thoughts.

One quote which the public has paid close to attention to is that “cryptocurrencies are here to stay”. He noted how these currencies may not come to rival the Dollar, but would be welcomed across the world in weak economies.

Binance to open Malta token exchange

2018 may forever be viewed as the year of Binance, seeing as the exchange has seen huge growth over the last 365 days, and in this calendar year has started a many new initiatives.

Binance has revealed plans to collaborate with the Malta Stock Exchange in building a trading platform specially for security tokens.

Cory Johnson: Tipping point for mass adoption

Ripple is the centralized organisation behind the XRP token, which is currently bouncing between second and third place on the market cap listings. It’s been in the news a lot recently for the release of xRapid, an international payment platform.

Cory Johnson is the organisation’s Chief Marketing Strategist, and, at Ripple’s annual Swell conference, he noted how we’re on the “tipping point for mass adoption” with cryptocurrency.