Chinese law permits Bitcoin – October 26

Current Bitcoin Price: $6456 (as of 12:00 AM PST)

The charts are reading red despite a mostly flat picture. Bitcoin has shifted down about a tenth of a percent, reflecting just a several dollar change in price, while Ethereum and XRP are down about a quarter of a percent.

Top Bitcoin & Crypto News Stories for 26th October 2018

Chinese law permits Bitcoin

The regulatory side of cryptocurrency is a big concern, especially in bigger, market-making economies such as the United States or China — the latter of which is known for its oppressive internet structure.

However, the Chinese court has confirmed that Bitcoin is protected by law, which is to say that owning and transacting with Bitcoin is completely A-OK!

Binance lowers Monero withdrawal fees

Earlier this month Monero released its “Bulletproof Beryllium” update, which dropped transaction sizes — and consequently transaction fees — by more than 80%.

This has resulted in Binance lowering its withdrawal fees for Monero by more than 20 times; the fee is down from 0.04 XMR to 0.001 XMR, a move which Bittrex has followed.

VeChain to authenticate sneakers

As a supply chain token, VeChain has a growing number of use cases. From tracking shipping containers to individual products, the list of possible blockchain implementations in this field certainly isn’t too limiting.

VeChain’s latest application will feature them authenticating custom sneakers with the help of smart chips, which should prevent counterfeiting!