Cisco: blockchain to capture $8+ trillion by 2027 – March 20

Current Bitcoin Price: $4035 (as of 8:00 AM PST)

The market sentiment is still rather undecided, with the market moving just a tenth of a percent upwards since yesterday’s newsletter. Bitcoin is exactly where it was yesterday, while Ethereum has lost two tenths of a percent and XRP has gained five tenths.

Looking further afield, there are a few coins making small moves today. Stellar and Binance Coin are down three and two percent, while Cardano, Monero, and Ontology are up four, three, and seventeen percent respectively.

Top Crypto News Stories for 20th March 2019

Cisco: blockchain to capture $8+ trillion by 2027

Cisco is a technology company that specializes in networking and telecoms solutions. Having clocked in an impressive revenue of almost $50 billion in 2018, Cisco wants to stay ahead of the game by looking at crypto opportunities.

That’s right: Cisco has just conducted its own study of the cryptocurrency industry, publishing a report of the advantages, applications, and impacts of blockchain technology. The report suggests that blockchain could capture more than 10% of the world’s GDP, which is currently $80 trillion.

Binance to make buying Bitcoin easier in Australia

Binance needs no introduction. As the world’s most popular crypto-crypto exchange, Binance has accrued profits so big that there are practically no bounds to their expansion. In fact, we recently covered Binance’s latest feature — debit and credit card purchases — in a recent newsletter.

Well, Binance wants to make the fiat on-ramp even more established, with plans to roll-out Bitcoin purchases in thousands of newsagents across Australia, with the help of their new service Binance Lite.

Wikipedia cofounder Larry Sanger uses Brave

Larry Sanger is the cofounder of Wikipedia. In January this year, Larry posted an article on his personal blog about how he was improving his personal cybersecurity.

In that article, Larry details how he has made the switch to the Brave web browser. He had previously criticized the amount of data Chrome collects, and was unsatisfied with Mozilla Firefox.