Citigroup allows Bitcoin investment without ETF – September 11

Current Bitcoin Price: $6295 (as of 8:00 AM PST)

Yet again today, it’s mostly red numbers showing up on the charts. Bitcoin is faring relatively well, down only 0.14%, while Ethereum and Ripple are yet again down several percent.

In the top-20, Tezos has performed particularly well, increasing in value more than 10%. Other than that, Monero, Ethereum Classic, and IOTA are all up less than a single percent.

Top Bitcoin & Crypto News Stories for 11th September 2018

Citigroup allows Bitcoin investment without ETF

There have been recent rumors that Citigroup would be opening up Bitcoin investment to its institutional investors without needing to fall under the pesky category of an exchange-traded fund, or ETF.

Citi has in fact managed to do so by creating a Digital Asset Receipt (DAR). A custodian will hold the digital assets themselves, and Citi will be able to issue the receipts.

CNN video: “people are starting to trust Bitcoin more than central banks”

Cryptocurrency isn’t met with open arms by every member of the public, but the last few years have seen a huge improvement in public acceptance for Bitcoin.

In a recent video clip from CNN, author of the Trump book “Too Big to Fail” — Andrew Ross Sorkin — claimed that “people around the world are starting to trust Bitcoin more than the central banks”.

Hester Peirce continues Bitcoin ETF support

Hester Peirce is the pro-Bitcoin ETF SEC commissioner, having issued a formal dissent of the Commission’s recent decision to reject a cryptocurrency ETF.

Peirce has continued her support of the ETF, justifying it on CNBC by saying that investors should have as much choice as possible:

“There is a real value to having freedom of choice to make your own decisions. And that’s sort of the fundamental principle of what our country operates on, which is that people can make decisions and act in ways that they think are wise for their own lives.