CoinMarketCap rolls out data accountability group – June 11

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Since our last newsletter on Friday, the cryptocurrency market has hardly budged. Bitcoin is sitting within 0.5% of where it was, down a few fractions of a percent on the daily, while Ethereum and XRP are similarly stagnant. Litecoin, however, is continuing its upwards trend, with further gains of 7.5% on today’s chart pushing it into fourth place.

Top Stories for 11th June 2019 🔥

👉 CoinMarketCap rolls out data accountability group

In recent months, CoinMarketCap — the world’s most popular cryptocurrency price tracking service — has come under a lot of fire for using inaccurate or false data from its partners.

CoinMarketCap just rolled out a new measure against this, known as DATA: the Data Accountability and Transparency Alliance. It’s a group of cryptocurrency exchanges and services with a common goal: to ensure data is more reliable for end users.

👉 Craig Wright ordered to appear in Florida court

We’ve been talking about Craig Wright quite a bit lately, so he probably doesn’t need much of an introduction. For those who don’t know, he’s a cryptocurrency personality who’s in a lot of trouble between various false claims, lawsuits, and Twitter discussion.

Wright has been ordered to appear at a Florida court later this month, as part of the Kleiman v Wright case where Wright is claimed to have stolen cryptocurrencies from a deceased coworker.

👉 Statistics show 75% of EOS transactions made by bots

In terms of usage statistics, EOS may look like a very popular cryptocurrency network. Alongside the Ethereum network, EOS is one of very few projects that’s actually used.

However, new statistics have shown that over 75% of EOS transactions are made by bots, with over 50% of users actually bots.