Coinbase goes offline in $1000 BTC flash crash – June 27

📈 30 Second Price Summary

Current Bitcoin Price$11,654

Since our newsletter on Monday, Bitcoin has climbed a further $700. However, it hasn’t all been smooth-sailing. Bitcoin climbed from $10,500 on Monday to around $13,750 yesterday, before a $1000 flash crash shocked the market. Overall, the market is down 10% on the 24 hour chart.

Top Stories for 27th June 2019 🔥

👉 Coinbase goes offline in $1000 BTC flash crash

Coinbase is by far the most popular cryptocurrency exchange for retail investors looking to buy and sell cryptocurrency with fiat money.

During yesterday’s $1000 Bitcoin flash crash, Coinbase went offline for a brief period of time. It’s unclear whether this was caused by a server failure, or, as one user suggests, a dedicated mechanism to limit panic selling (as on some traditional financial platforms).

👉 Imgur to implement Coil crypto following $20m investment

Imgur is the world’s largest image sharing service. Once an image hosting website, Imgur now has a thriving community of its own, with thousands of creators contributing regularly.

Following a $20m investment from Coil, a startup launched by the former CTO of Ripple, Imgur is to implement Coil on its platform as a way to reward creators.

👉 NEO begins first phase of EcoBoost program

EcoBoost is NEO’s new program for developing the NEO ecosystem. It consists of three phrases, which are partner recruitment, project recruitment, and pairing of partners and projects.

NEO just began the first phase of its program, which means it’s now looking for partners to contribute to the project in whatever ways they can.