Coinbase announces institutional staking custody – March 29

Current Bitcoin Price: $4099 (as of 9:00 AM PST)

On average the cryptocurrency market is up three tenths of a percent today. Bitcoin is up somewhere around that market average, while Ethereum is up 0.7% and XRP is down the same amount.

Setting themselves ahead of the crowd today are Cardano, up 6%, Tezos, up 16%, and Basic Attention Token, up 23%. Meanwhile, Maker has fallen almost 6%.

Top Crypto News Stories for 29th March 2019

Coinbase announces institutional staking custody

Cryptocurrencies use a wide range of consensus mechanisms to ensure that all the network’s users stay on the same page. The one you’re probably most familiar with is Proof-of-Work, where computing power “works” to confirm transactions, and miners are rewarded for their work. An alternative of growing popularity is Proof-of-Stake, where users with a stake in the network (i.e. a holding of tokens) can confirm transactions and reap the rewards themselves.

Coinbase have just announced that they’ll be offering an institutional; platform for managing staked assets. The first asset which they’ll support is Tezos, which currently gives investors a circa 7% annual return on investment on the coins they lock down and stake to the network.

Justin Sun’s fake Tesla giveaway uncovered

Justin Sun, TRON’s founder, recently boasted of $20 million giveaway on Twitter. The giveaway was to celebrate the launch of TRON’s new USDT token, and also featured a Tesla as one of the prizes.

A user who Justin Sun confirmed to have won the Tesla reward still hasn’t received any mention of the prize. Since then, Justin Sun has deleted his Tweet revealing the winner, instead offering the alleged winner a ticket to TRON’s next conference.

Japan’s largest railway company soon to accept crypto

East Japan Railway Company, known in short as JR East, is Japan’s largest railway company. They offer a proprietary card called the Suica smartcard, which is accepted at almost 600,000 retailer in the country.

The company is soon to accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment. You’ll be able to buy train tickets at station shops and kiosks, with the transactions facilitated by the DeCurret virtual currency exchange.