Coinbase To Suspend All Margin Trading Due To CFTC Guidance – November 25

📈 30 Second Cryptocurrency Price Summary

Current Bitcoin Price$19,084

Bitcoin price has been floating around the $19,000 mark over the last 24 hours, as traders eagerly await the coin’s next large move.

Top-20 altcoins have has mixed performance over the last day of trading, as Ethereum drops 4%, XRP falls over 5%, but Stellar stands out with a 19% gain. NEM also re-enters the top 20 with a 15% rise.

Top Stories for November 25, 2020 🔥

👉 Coinbase To Suspend All Margin Trading Due To CFTC Guidance 

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has announced that it will suspend all margin trading tomorrow, citing recent guidance from the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC).

New margin trades will be disabled from 2pm PT Wednesday and all limit orders will be automatically canceled. The entire margin trading feature will be removed next month.

Coinbase have not revealed the specific part of the CFTC guidance that sparked their decision, however it is known that the guidance focused on actual delivery of digital assets.

👉 South Korea Considers Delay Of Crypto Tax Rule to 2022

South Korean lawmakers are considering delaying the launch of a looming income tax rule for crypto, until January 2022.

The crypto tax rule was originally planned to go live in October 2021, and would charge residents a 20% tax on any gains from the trading of cryptocurrency worth more than 2.5 million Korean won (about USD$2,000).

👉 Gold Industry Insider Believes Bitcoin Will Rise By 20X

Dan Tapiero, co-founder of Gold Bullion International, expressed in a recent interview with Anthony Pompliano that Bitcoin will likely rise to 20-30 times its current value.

He added that he doesn’t believe anyone in the gold world would debate the sentiment, stating that Bitcoin is a hedge for the fiat system and institutional investors are likely to allocate 5-15% of their portfolios to Bitcoin