Coinbase receives NY approval – October 24

Current Bitcoin Price: $6496 (as of 8:00 AM PST)

There’s been mixed price movement for many cryptocurrencies over the last 24 hours, but things aren’t looking so bad when you consider the market leaders. Bitcoin and Ethereum are both up just under half a percentage point, while XRP is up more than four percent.

Other top-20 players making big moves today include DASH (up 3.49%), ZCash (up 4.99%), and VeChain (up 5.41%), with red price movement only visible further afield.

Top Bitcoin & Crypto News Stories for 24th October 2018

Coinbase receives NY approval

Coinbase is a world famous fiat-to-crypto exchange, but like all crypto custodians, it’s been hit by New York’s tough regulations for operating in the area.

A Twitter post has just announced that Coinbase has been granted a New York Qualified Custodian, which will allow them to begin servicing the region.

Kevin O’Leary invests $100,000 in crypto app

Shark Tank is the United States’ favorite entrepreneur TV program, where founders pitch their idea or business in the hopes of securing funding. Kevin O’Leary is one of the show’s most recognized judges.

He’s just invested $100,000 in bundil, a cryptocurrency investment app that rounds purchases to the nearest dollar before purchasing digital assets with the change. O’Leary secured 50% of the company in this deal.

Tom Lee maintains $25,000 Bitcoin prediction

Tom Lee is co-founder of Fundstrat, an international investment advisory group, as well a regular guest on CNBC’s cryptocurrency-focused “Fast Money” segment.

Earlier this year, Tom Lee predicted that Bitcoin would end the year at a price point of $25,000, a prediction which he maintains despite Bitcoin’s $6xxx price with less than a hundred days to go.