Coinbase has 400k+ users – December 20

Current Bitcoin Price: $3853 (as of 10:00 AM PST)

Most cryptocurrencies are trending upwards today, with Bitcoin leading the way (up 7% on the 24 hour chart). Ethereum is up 5%, but, rather unusually, XRP has fallen almost 1% against the market.

Bitcoin Cash is continuing to post impressive gains, having shot up almost 50% today. Bitcoin SV is up a similarly impressive 17%, too.

Top Bitcoin & Crypto News Stories for 20th December 2018

Coinbase has 400k+ users

Coinbase is an undoubtedly popular cryptocurrency exchange, but it’s always been difficult to compare it together exchanges in terms of its users. The other exchange that comes to mind as a contender (albeit in a different niche) is Binance.

Recent findings show that Coinbase has over 400 thousand users, as compared to the 300 thousand or so that crypto-crypto exchange Binance boasts. Only two other exchanges — Okex and Huobi — have user numbers in the six figures or higher.

More DApps with stable coins

The recent stable coin craze has made it so much easier to hold stable amounts of value in cryptocurrency. However, decentralized applications, or DApps, have always focused on using traditional currencies like Ethereum in their games.

A list of DApps using stable coins has just been published, which allows you to gamble away under the safety of a peer-reviewed smart contract without trying to time the crypto markets!

CoinGate integrates NANO payments

CoinGate is a platform not only for buying and selling cryptocurrencies, but also for implementing cryptocurency-based payment options on web stores.

With over 50 cryptocurrencies on their list, they’ve just rolled out another: this time it’s the zero fee cryptocurrency NANO!