CoinMarketCap Removes Metric Showing Fake Binance Volume – May 15

📈 30 Second Cryptocurrency Price Summary

Current Bitcoin Price$9,465

Bitcoin price has bounced off the $10,000 mark again, after failing to break through the resistance level. Price has fallen back down to the mid-$9,000 level.

Top-20 altcoins have ranged in their reactions today, as Ethereum and XRP are both down 1%, while EOS rises 3%. The largest gainer of the day is Ethereum Classic, rising 4%.

Top Stories for May 15, 2020 🔥

👉 CoinMarketCap Removes Metric Showing Fake Binance Volume

CoinMarketCap has reportedly removed the “adjusted volume” metric from its exchange rankings, a tool which removed suspicious trading activity.

The website has also introduced a new default metric called “web traffic”, which ranks Binance as the top exchange.  The change in metrics used has caused Binance to move from 15th in the exchange rankings to the very top spot.

Adjusting CoinMarketCap’s metrics has been received as a very controversial topic among the community, as Binance purchased the website earlier this year.

👉 Visa Files Cryptocurrency System Patent to Replace Physical Cash

Visa International has filed a patent for a cryptocurrency system which is designed to replace physical cash, using a blockchain ledger.

The patent uses both central and commercial banks, as well as a private permissioned blockchain. Details such as the consensus mechanism for the blockchain have not yet been specified.

👉 Crypto Rewards Company Partners with Shinsegae in South Korea

Cryptocurrency rewards company MiL.k has partnered with Shinsegae Duty Free, a South Korean retailer to further spread the adoption of crypto loyalty points.

Customers of Shinsegae Duty Free will be able to link their accounts to the MiL.k app and spend loyalty points within the app’s marketplace.

The company has its own cryptocurrency, the MLK token.