Congress member holds $80,000+ in crypto – August 7

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It wasn’t a great weekend for the cryptocurrency market, as Bitcoin tumbled over $500 with plenty of coins following suit. However, since Sunday the market has stabilized, and over the last 24 hours many coins have seen small but very welcome gains.

Among the top-10 coins, only Ripple and IOTA have fallen — by 3 and 10 percent respectively. Among the top-20, Ethereum Classic and Tezos are seeing the light at the end of the bear market — rising 9 and 6 percent respectively.

Top Bitcoin & Crypto News Stories for 7th August 2018

Congress member holds $80,000+ in crypto

Cryptocurrencies are praised for the financial privacy they offer holders, but members of Congress are required to disclose any and all holdings — even in the crypto market.

It’s been reported that Congress representative Bob Goodlatte holds over $80,000 of crypto assets. While this may be a nominal investment for some, it’s a hopeful sign for those interested in official support for cryptocurrency.

Goldman Sachs may store Bitcoin

The initial reaction most financial institutions took towards cryptocurrency wasn’t a positive one. In fact, JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon is a well-known Bitcoin basher.

That isn’t the case for Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein, who is open to the idea of working with cryptocurrencies. This is reflected by a companywide discussion on the possibility of storing Bitcoin for funds and institutional investors.

Bosch YouTube channel publishes IOTA video

IOTA loves its partnerships. One of the latest additions to the list was Bosch, but like with all crypto-partnerships it wasn’t clear what the extent of the collaboration was.

However, Bosch-owned YouTube channel “Bosch Software Innovations” just published a video on the topic of IOTA. Unfortunately for holders, the price of IOTA has taken a 10% hit — coincidence?