Crypto theft reaches new high – November 13

Current Bitcoin Price: $6371 (as of 13:00 PM PST)

The cryptocurrency market is still trading sideways this week, if anything with a slight bear bias. While Bitcoin — which seems to be the truest stablecoin of all these days — is down just 0.15%, secondary market favorites Ethereum and XRP are down by 1.43% and 2.17%.

In fact, the only top-10 coin in the green is Bitcoin Cash, which is only up a measly single percent. Looking at coins #11 to #20, there’s more red numbers ranging between two and four percent, with IOTA and NEM both doing well to break even.

Top Bitcoin & Crypto News Stories for 13th November 2018

Crypto theft reaches new high

There’s really no better assets for thieves to target than digital ones, which can be transferred and then stored rather inconspicuously, all from the comfort of a computer anywhere in the world.

Of course, this has made cryptocurrencies a prime candidate for internet scams. According to CipherTrace’s quarterly Cryptocurrency Anti-Money Laundering Report, just near $1 billion of cryptocurrency assets have been stolen this year. That puts the extent of crypto theft at a new all time high.

Ripple technology overhauls remittance company

Brad Garlinghouse is better known as the CEO of Ripple, the foundation behind the remittance token XRP. With not even the slightest doubt, he’s proud of the work that Ripple and XRP are doing to supposedly revolutionize the way money is sent and received.

In a recent interview, he said that “last week [Ripple] signed up a remittance company. Overnight they went from 20 USD per transaction to 2 USD per transaction and an 800% increase in transactions.” This really does show the power of a centralized cryptocurrency project, whether or not that goes against the crypto movement’s core values!

One Year Today: Bull run begins

Crypto has seen some ups and downs, but it was this day exactly one year ago when the cryptocurrency market saw the huge bull ran that took the blockchain mainstream. The question is, how will the cryptos behave towards the end of this year?