DuckDuckGo now registered with Brave – July 22

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Current Bitcoin Price$10,290

Cryptocurrencies have hardly moved since our last newsletter on Friday. Bitcoin, which was at $10,350 on Friday, is now trading at $10,290 following a 1.3% fall on the daily. Ethereum is down almost 3%, while XRP is down a fraction over 2%.

Top Stories for 22nd July 2019 🔥

👉 DuckDuckGo now registered with Brave

DuckDuckGo is a lesser-known search engine. It’s currently the seventh largest search engine on the internet, but is quickly growing. It services more than 30 million searches a day.

The search engine has just become a registered Brave publisher, which means that users of the Brave browser can now support the search engine by means of BAT cryptocurrency tips.

👉 India: No blanket ban on crypto, yet

India has had a bit of a love-hate relationship with cryptocurrency. It seems to be changing its mind every year or two about how it wants to approach the new asset class, and whether it should be legal.

Although a draft bill to blanket-ban cryptocurrencies is currently in the works, India has said “there is no separate law for dealing with issues relating to cryptocurrencies.” However, cryptocurrency companies are forbidden from using local banking services.

👉 VeChain to issue San Marino Innovation Token

San Marino is a landlocked state in the center of Italy. They recently launched an initiative to reduce local carbon emissions, and, generally, take better care of the environment.

VeChain is set to create the San Marino Innovation Token, which will be used to reward participants of the program.