EOS first in China crypto rankings – February 1

Current Bitcoin Price: $3451 (as of 10:00 AM PST)

The market is still churning sideways, as evidenced by a 0.5% increase on the daily, following yesterday’s 1.5% hit. Bitcoin itself is up half a percent over the last 24 hours, while the prices of XRP and Ethereum haven’t budged the slightest.

Top performers today include Binance Coin, up more than 6%, Holo, up just less than 26%, and Augur, up 7%. On the flip-side, there are hardly any coins performing poorly in this uninterested market!

Top Bitcoin & Crypto News Stories for 1st February 2018

EOS first in China crypto rankings

Thanks to the wide-spread reach of the internet, most cryptocurrency projects are viewed similarly across the world. However, there’s still a gap between the how Asia and the West view things — including some cryptocurrencies.

China’s Center for Information and Industry Development just published its first index of cryptocurrencies for the year of 2019, in which EOS is ranked as the number one cryptocurrency, followed shortly by Ethereum and Ontology.

Crypto causes record VC investments in Switzerland

Switzerland has always been a strong economy, with thousands upon thousands of information technology businesses in the country — and even more investment to go around!

In 2018, Switzerland saw record numbers of venture capitalist investments (amounting to around US $1.25 billion), thanks in a great part to cryptocurrency startups. In fact, more than $230 million was raised in ICOs alone.

Wikimedia to adopt Bitpay

Wikimedia is the foundation in charge of Wikipedia and a whole host of other such wiki sites. Run purely on donations, Wikimedia added the option of crypto payments back in 2014, with help from Coinbase.

Wikimedia has just made the decision to switch from Coinbase to Bitpay, which will allow users to donate in Bitcoin Cash as well as regular Bitcoin.