EOS Developer Count has Fallen by 85% Since 2019 – June 16

📈 30 Second Cryptocurrency Price Summary

Current Bitcoin Price$9,543

Bitcoin price has recovered again today to $9,543, after getting a hard bounce from $9,000 support.

Top-20 altcoins have responded positively, as Ethereum gains over 4%, XRP rises 3% and Cardano leads the charge with a 10% burst to the upside.

Top Stories for June 16, 2020 🔥

👉 EOS Developer Count has Fallen by 85% Since 2019

Research has shown that EOS may be in trouble, with the number of developers working on the platform falling by 85% since a year ago.

The report, published by Outlier Ventures, also shows that Github code updates for EOS have dropped by 94%, while dApp activity has fallen by 70%.

Another platform of concern was TRON, which showed 96% fewer updates to code, and the number of developers slashed in half.

👉 US Government Agency Funds Cryptocurrency Fiat Project

An independent agency of the US government – the National Science Foundation – has funded a Los Angeles startup to develop a crypto-fiat hybrid system.

The blockchain startup company, KRNC, was awarded a $225,000 grant for the project which aims to create a protocol which adds blockchain features to fiat currency.

👉 Etherscan Announces Decentralized Web Search Engine

Popular Ethereum block explorer Etherscan has announced that they will be launching a search engine, to help users navigate the decentralized web.

The project, simply called Blockscan, aim to make the decentralized internet more easily accessible and discoverable. It will index three main domain extensions to begin with, including .eth, .zil, and .crypto.