Launch delayed for EOS mainnet – June 13

Current Bitcoin Price: $6451 (as of 7:45 AM PST)

The market’s continuing to fall, with the majority of major coins down by about 10%. Bitcoin is doing a surprisingly good job of weathering the storm — down by  only 4.4%. Both VeChain and Nano have taken big hits, down by over 15% each.

Of the top 100 coins, only four are in the green: Emercoin (EMC, #91), Decentraland (MANA, #97), Bytom (BTM, #30), and Tether (USDT, #11), which has it’s price tied to the dollar.

Top Bitcoin & Crypto News Stories for 13th June 2018

Launch delayed for EOS mainnet

So far, EOS has been traded an ERC20 token, which means it’s been built onto the Ethereum blockchain for the time being.

The EOS team has just attempted to launch their mainnet, which would create a bona fide EOS token with new utility. However, the launch has been delayed; this is the result of users staking less than one-third of the tokens needed for launch.

Coinbase index fund opens for investment

Coinbase has been pushing to make the cryptocurrency space more and more accessible to outsiders for years, and they’ve largely accomplished that with their fiat-crypto trading pairs.

However, they’ve just opened up their own index fund for US-resident accredited investors, which will track the value of all assets listed on the Coinbase exchange.

Binance moves to open Jersey exchange

Recently Binance have been looking to offer their own fiat pairs. They took the first step for that very recently by opening up bank accounts in Malta — which would allow them to trade with the Euro.

They’ve just signed an agreement of understanding with Jersey officials, with the intent to launch a crypto-GBP exchange on the island.